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Richard Goldsmith MRSS

Central to my practice is a desire to create a visual language that seeks to satisfy a longing for understanding. Formed from memory and experience my work is about making art out of feelings, the desire to interpret, to understand, to communicate.

Sculpture offers the potential to explore abstract ideas in a physical way. Based in a belief that there are methods of representation that are not rooted in literal description, an expressive and imaginative practice has grown.  This enables the embodiment of visual form with emotional question and content and, an accompanying search to find physical elements in sculpture to represent emotional transition.

Seeking to explore beyond the traditional forms of representation, my work attempts to elevate functional elements observed in the real world, seeking to reinterpret and embody them with new meaning; evoking a fresh reading of components operating through imaginative association.

The sculptures can also be seen as containers for feeling and memory that offer moments of insight or reflection.

Richard lives and works in North Devon. 

An elected member of the Royal Society of Sculptors

A member of the Free Painters and Sculptors group of artists in London. 

Currently exhibiting as part of Together We Rise 2022 at Chichester Cathedral until September 2022.

Together We Rise is a major exhibition of artworks from celebrated members of the Royal Society of Sculptors, taking place from 27th June – 6th September 2022.

The exhibition comprises over 30 artworks which will be presented within this 940-year old living place of worship, and across the grounds. The pieces respond to the artists' experience of the pandemic, their resilience, sense of community and collective hope for the future.

The exhibition is curated by Visual Arts Advisor Jacquiline Creswell and forms part of Culture Spark – Chichester’s season of culture in 2022.